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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Blood Approves - Cam's Review

My Blood Approves by Amanda Hocking - Review by Cameryn (age 13)  

My Blood Approves is a book of love, mystery, and of course, vampires. This book takes vampires to an all new level in their age and civilization. The age can be from a day old, in vampirism, to over three hundred years. Their part in civilization could be anything from an everyday street prowler to one of the world’s top industry owners.

This book is a romance between two of the characters. It may not exactly say it or show it right away and it may not even be part of this first book, but you’ll just have to read the series to find out. I was always kept on the edge, wondering  who falls in love in the end. This is a very tricky romance!

The five main characters of the first book are Alice, Jack, Peter, Ezra, and May. Out of those five, my favorite would be Peter. He was the quiet, mysterious one throughout the book. Peter had kept to himself and was always trying to fight for what the right thing was, in his mind.

My favorite part of My Blood Approves is when Alice is trying to figure out what is wrong with Jack, Peter, Ezra, and May. They’re supposed to be a family but none of them have similar characteristics. One day Jack almost reveals himself and Alice gets suspicious. That’s when she starts questioning this “family.” Eventually the answers are given and her life turns upside-down.

I highly recommend this book for YAs, YA book readers, and vampire readers - such as myself. I enjoyed this series immensely, especially this book. You wouldn’t be wasting your money.

*To let everyone know, My Blood Approves contains kissing, mention of things more than just kissing, and alcohol usage. Mothers: before looking into owning the rest of the series and having one or more of your children read these books, I think you would need to read and approve of them (or not). There is drug and alcohol usage along with things more than just kissing within the rest of the series. I feel as if I’m making the books sound awful, but they really aren’t too bad. I’m 13 and I’m aloud to read it, they may be inappropriate for younger readers. So do take this into consideration. I feel as if I should mention this. No hard feelings to the author. I did really love this series. I’ve read My Blood Approves three times!

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