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Monday, November 14, 2011

Trying the FREE book route...

It seems that to get the attention of new readers, in the eBook world right now, it helps to have a free title available for download. This is a no risk trial run for a new reader. He/she can try out my writing and decide whether or not they want to read my additional books. So, I've decided to give it a try. I've reduced the price of the first novel in The Immortal Ones series to $0.00 - that's as cheap as I can make it folks - on Smashwords.

Smashwords distributes my novels to iTunes, Sony, and Kobo (to name a few) ... but I've always uploaded to Barnes & Noble on my own. I've decided to let Smashwords distribute to B&N as well, because I am unable to price a novel below $0.99 when I upload directly. So soon, within the next 2 weeks, my novel will be FREE at all these outlets. My hope is that when Amazon is notified that it is free at other distributors, they will match the price. This is my only way to attempt a free book at Amazon (as they do not currently let me distribute via Smashwords).

Sound confusing? Well it is to me too. But I would love to offer my first novel to all the eBook readers out there for free (for a limited time)... and this is the path I must take to do so. I hope it works! Cross your fingers for me.

In the meantime you can download A Chance for Charity (The Immortal Ones) for FREE @ Smashwords so CLICK HERE for your free copy!