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Monday, September 26, 2011

I added page tabs!

I knew it was probably a very easy thing to do, but had simply never investigated it. So, today, I finally did a google search and ended up at a sight with tips for blogger (Tweak My Blogger). In a few minutes I was on my way... and now I have page tabs and posts on those pages... amazing :)

Please take a moment to click on them... cuz they work and everything !!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dream a Little Dream...

I’ve always had the most interesting dreams… reoccurring dreams… typical dreams… sexy dreams… dreams that seem like a movie… dreams that end up being stories that have to be written down and shared.
My first reoccurring dream, the one that I still remember some 35 years later, involved King Kong. I had it so often as a child that I still remember the details…
In the dream I go to a theme park and there is a ride called King Kong. It is as large as the real King Kong and you take an elevator up to the top of his head. The ride is actually a huge slide that is inside his body. You start at the top, slide all the way down, and exit out his feet. Something goes terrible wrong when I get up to the top. You see - there is a switch in the back of the Giant Ape that says REAL/RIDE and when I get up to the top and enter King Kong’s head… someone switches it to REAL!! (Hey I was 5 years old – it made sense back then).
So little me is stuck in his head as he comes to life and breaks away from the supports. He starts rampaging around the town, and through King Kong’s eyes, I can see everything that is going on. But I am stuck inside. How do I get out? I am trapped inside a gigantic ape that is destroying the town!!
I woke up sometime after that point. I think I made it out a few times and was able to switch him back to RIDE. Thank goodness!!
 During High School and College I would wake up some mornings and actually grabbed paper and pen to write down different dreams. They were so vivid and I knew they would fade if I didn’t get the details down. The one that came to me on more than one occasion (and the one that will make it into print someday) involved teens that were driving somewhere and some kind of an explosion caused a rock avalanche. They were trapped on both sides and couldn’t drive out from the lake area they were passing by when the avalanche occurred. A swim in the lake… some alien/supernatural events happen… and some of the teens don’t leave the lake the same way they entered… I’ll save the details for the story. I think I’ll start that one soon. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.
I have the typical naked dreams… going to school… going to work… I always manage to conveniently cover certain parts of me with a random item… newspaper, a hat, my purse, my hands :D
I also have the loose teeth dream more than I would like. That one oooks me out the most! I hate waking up from it. I have to run my tongue across my teeth when I wake up, and chomp my jaws together, just to make sure that all those teeth are still in place and aren’t falling out. I can actually feel then moving around while I talk, in the dream, and then they slowly start falling out. Ack – I seriously hate that dream!!
Ladies… When I got preggers the first time, I read that I would have some dreams that were adult themed. Ummm… yeah… that happened. I have three kids and during each pregnancy I had some AMAZING dreams… If you didn’t get them when you were pregnant… so sorry… you missed out… big time :D
My dreams are remarkable to me. I am so thankful that I am able to recall them after I wake up. I should write more of them down. I guess the ones that I take the time to transcribe are the ones that were meant to stay with me. Charity and Link are here now. I thought of her while awake, but she really came to life in my dreams. The story that I am working on now was first a dream. Most of the time, I just dream a small scene… my imagination has to take it from there… to flesh out the story. Where did these characters come from… where are they going… what drives them? I love exploring those avenues.
My writing is precious to me… and so are my dreams…