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... MY WRITE ROAD - S.L. BAUM ... I am a mother, a wife, a former teacher, and a writer! Crafter, baker, taxi driver.......

About Me :D

S.L. Baum 

I have had a love of sci-fi since I was a kid... watching Star Trek with my father.  I am such a junky for action packed sci-fi movies to this day... thanks Dad!  That love started to include the supernatural/paranormal as I reached my teens.  I will always thank Anne Rice and Lestat for introducing me to a whole new genre... and my love vampire fiction was born.  When I began writing, I didn't consider the YA paranormal genre.  I started two previous projects that I couldn't finish, and I never knew why.  But when I started to write - A Chance for Charity (The Immortal Ones) - the story poured out of me and I loved every minute of the writing process!  I still have those other stories, and someday I plan to go back and finish them.

I am a crafter by nature!  This probably also explains my love of writing - it is in the creative family.  I scrapbook, sew, bead, etc... I love to create.  I have a room in my home dedicated to crafts.  Paper, ribbons, stickers, die-cuts, there is whole mess of supplies!  At one time I was in the handcrafted wedding/party invitation business.  You should see my kiddos' birthday invitations!

My other love is baking, although I don't do a ton of it.  Because if I bake it, then I want to eat it!  Cookie creation is a fun process.  I like to see how many yummy ingredients I can cram into a recipe.  So far, my favorite cookie is an oatmeal, coconut, chocolate chip, toffee bit cookie - YUM! I will totally email you that recipe :D

On top of writer, crafter, baker... I am wife and mother (to three amazing kiddos) - the latter being the best job in the world!