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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Portal - Cam's Review

Portal by author Imogen Rose - Review by Cameryn (age 13)

Portal is a book of romance, action, tight situations, and emotional scenes. With its time travel and dimensions never thought to have existed, this book kept me waiting to see what would happen next. I was never bored and when it came to me wanting to escape into a good story, it was the perfect book (series) to read.

My favorite part of the book would have to be when Arizona makes a crucial decision at the end. It is my favorite because she has very good reasons to go with each choice. It’s suspenseful and I was practically jumping out of my seat when I read the outcome. My favorite character has to be Kellan because he is always the one that keeps things in order and takes charge. He also was like another big brother to Arizona (before Arizona Stevens came into the Darley life).

Portal is a fantastic read for people with an interest for love and the unthinkable. I have read the whole series twice, so you can tell that it will keep you entertained no matter what! I would recommend this book for everyone over the age of 11. There is only kissing just to put that out there for the mothers!

I think anyone would enjoy this book tremendously. It will keep you on your toes all the time. I was so very eager to read the rest of the series. I can’t wait until Imogen’s fourth book in this series comes out. I highly suggest you read Portal. It would be a wonderful day if you got the whole Portal Chronicles for your kindle.


  1. Priceless review! You keep at it, Cameryn.

  2. What a wonderful review! Cameryn, you did an awesome job! When you turn 16, please read my sweet romance novels and review them for me. :-)

  3. Great review! It's extremely well-written and since it comes from the book's target audience, it carries far more weight than if someone my age were to write the same review. Well done!

  4. She's loving all this feedback... Great way to start her Summer Vaca :D

  5. awesome!great review!