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Monday, May 30, 2011 my Kiddos!

I feel that as an author, I walk a fine line when it comes to reviewing another author's work. But hey... I have 3 amazing kiddos that are AVID readers... and there is no line crossed if they want to spout their opinions about the books they read. And let me tell ya - my kids have opinions!

I would love to share their favorite (and not so favorite) books with you.

My 13 YO daughter is a YA paranormal junkie - she can read a book a day during the summer (and just did with The Summoning series).

My 11 YO daughter was a Junie B and Judy Moody addict when she was a bit younger and is now transitioning into older books.

My 8 YO son thinks that Dav Pilkey is the greatest writer in the Universe and Captain Underpants should be a national treasure.

First review coming soon...

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