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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Where's my stuff???

The day of the fire, our insurance company called out two "preferred vendors." One was a re-construction company and the other was a pack-out company. The re-construction company was there to survey the damage and give us a bid to rebuild... straight forward... no problem.

The pack-out company was there to clean up my items and classify them as salvageable and un-salvageable... and then pack them up for us. I immediately decided that we needed our salvageable items to be split into three categories.
1) Stuff that could be put into long term storage
2) Long term storage stuff that also needed to be climate controlled
3) Items that we would need at the rental house

So, I spent a week going through our ruined house with sticky notes and tagging everything! I made piles... I threw away the obvious trash... I got clothes ready for donation... and then I tagged "Rental" - "Long Term" - "Climate Control" all over the house. The pack out company sent over TWO guys... that was it... two guys! They walked around my house and wrote down everything... the name of each and every DVD, book, CD, spice, can of food, EVERYTHING! Now this took forever. I understand that the insurance wants records... but long handing each and every item in my house on a yellow legal pad... not so efficient.

It took this company 3 weeks and everything was done in a half-assed way. There are still things that were overlooked and not packed. Then it was time to "purify and sanitize and deodorize" the items - AFTER they were packed in boxes. So, the boxes were piled, stacked, and crammed into the master bedroom of my house and a contraption was brought in that recycled the air and cleaned it... it ran for 2 days... "sanitizing" items that were packed in sealed up boxes. Yup, that makes sense to me :/

I had asked for the "Rental" boxes to be brought to the Rental house on April 22nd - the company was non-committal - so on April 23rd we went to the house and found a few boxes labeled rental and took them ourselves... by April 27th we had still heard nothing... for days... no word... air machine gone... my stuff in boxes... still in my house... my smoke damaged house... my unsecured (with multiple unlocked windows) house... WTF

Disappointed... to say the least!

We are still waiting to talk with our insurance adjuster about the company that they sen over to us... to help us in our time of need.

Oh yeah, and the company that has all our clothes - to clean the smoke smell out of them. They haven't cleaned a single article of them yet... just a few pieces of luggage... cuz that is a priority item... don'tcha think!

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