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Friday, February 19, 2016

Adele let her son wear an Anna costume and (the generic) Americans are Disturbed!

So I just read an article about Adele taking her son to Disneyland and letting him wear an Anna (from Frozen) costume while they were there. The comment section was HIDEOUS! I was shocked, saddened, and appalled by the things that people had to say. The majority of commenters somehow believed that if you let your male child put on a dress you are promoting homosexuality, encouraging cross dressing, creating future (at the most extreme - serial killers - at the least extreme - spoiled brats that run the household - oh, and one person had the nerve to say Adele's child would kill himself).

Guess what?!? I have SEVERAL pictures of my (almost) 13yo son wearing dress-up clothes (a mini mouse dress and various princess costumes) when he was a little guy. He has two older sisters who were always playing dress up and he wanted to join in. Sure he had some dress-up clothes that were traditionally male (a ghostbuster, a king, Mike Wazowski)... but sometimes he wanted to wear what his sisters were wearing, which meant DRESSES. And guess what... so far he is a pretty typical boy...

But whatever kind of boy he turns out to be... he's MY CHILD! He's not your child, so keep your nose out of it.

And I've never felt as if I had to hide the fact that he put on dress-up dresses from time to time
If your son says he want to put on a costume, what kind of message are you giving him by telling him only certain costumes are acceptable? When a grown man dresses as a female on Halloween people think it's funny, if a male child wants to do it the pitch forks come out. I don't get it...

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