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Saturday, August 25, 2012

And the Winners are...

First... THANK YOU - to all the people that entered the Giveaway. In anticipation of the release of the third full length novel in The Immortal Ones, I thought, I should host a giveaway!

So I went in search of some Swag... and found some cool stuff to offer up to the readers of my series.

Thank you for following The Immortal Ones.
Thank you for your interest in the series.
Thank you for supporting an Indie Writer!

If you left me a name - then I listed your name. If you only left an email - then you are listed with your email address. Congrats to the winners!

Package #3 - 5 winners
* Jerrilynn Atherton
* Mindy Shea
* Jennifer Catz

Package #2
* Jamie Norton

Package #1
* Diana Santiago

Grand Prize
* Brittany Rice

* You will all need to email me with a mailing address
   so I can get your prizes to you ASAP
* You all have 2 days to email me - I must hear from you
   by noon (AZ time) Monday (or you will forfeit your prize
   and I will notify the next random person drawn)
* I will email the code for a free download
   of Our Summer of Discontent as soon as the title is
   available on Smashwords - the code will only be
   valid for 48 hrs - if you do not redeem within the 48hrs
   then the prize is lost (forfeit).

Again... Thank you!
SL Baum

*I will be emailing the winners with a copy of this information


  1. Yay I am beyond excited! *happy dance* cannot wait for the next book. :)

    1. Email me a physical address, Jamie :)

  2. Yay!!! So excited!!!! I sent you an email a couple hours ago so I hope you got it!

  3. I have received mailing addresses from:

    I still need (and I am being nice here and have extended my deadline until Tuesday 8/28):
    Diana Santiago
    Jerrilynn Atherton
    Lisa Davis

    If I do not hear from you I'll have to draw new names :(

  4. Got my package!!! Yay!!! Now just curious but have the codes for the book been sent out yet?

    1. They were emailed out a day or two after I announced the winners. :( It seems you missed the email.

  5. Oh no!! I've checked my email and I never recorded an email from you. I even checked the spam and it's not there either

  6. Received** stupid auto correct...