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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Scattered Thoughts that need to escape my head!

I am in the process of finishing the third book in my YA Paranormal series ... and I just got back from a family vacation. During the 9 days away I kept hoping that no good ideas would come to me while we were on vacation. Because I didn't want to lose the ideas and I didn't want to spend family time writing. But, about 7 days into it I woke up at 6:30 in the morning... while on vacation... in Key West... when I had been up quite late the night before... and all I could think about was the book.

The characters were talking in my head and going places and doing things and someone new even came into the story... all this was happening as I lay groggy in the hotel bed at 6:30. I think I lay there for at least an hour with all these thoughts running around my head before I fell back asleep. HORROR. I fell asleep before getting any of it down on paper. These thoughts are lost sometimes. But that day, thankfully, they weren't.

When I woke up again and the kids and I were getting ready to go down to the beach, I grabbed the hotel notepad and pen and then I shoved them down into the beach bag. As soon as we were settled into our chairs, hubby settled himself at the poolside bar (for lunch without battling the seagulls), I pulled out the pad and started short-handing everything that I could remember... everything that had kept me from sleeping early that morning.

Now I am back home and I am trying to translate all these notes into interesting and readable chapters of my book. I hope it works :D


  1. So funny: I just told my husband I did not want to go out of town for the fourth because I'm on a writing streak! I just know I'll lose it if I travel with the kids right now....
    I sleep with a pocket notebook next to my pillow. I know, I know. So oldschool. But it works!

  2. Christine, I know how it is... I keep little notebooks and notepads everywhere.