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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Insta Love

For those who don’t like the “instant love” idea… an explanation... 
(caution: spoilers)

I think I am an old soul. I have always loved old movies; old musicals make me smile. If you haven’t watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and sang along with all the songs, and rooted for the boys after they stole the town girls, and smiled at the multiple wedding scene at the end… then maybe you and I will be forever on a different page in life. I mean, hey, Adam married Milly on the very day he met her!

Or Gigi… and watched as she blossomed from girl into woman: only to discover that she was deeply in love with an old family friend. Gigi and Gaston married as soon as they realized that they loved each other… after one date…

Or Where the Boys are… that movie takes place over college spring break. Merrit and Ryder fall “in love” over the course of one week.

Then there are my parents. They met at an Air Force dance and were married 5 months later. And the only reason they waited that long is because they each had to turn 18 first for it to happen. They just celebrated their 51st Anniversary!

One of my friends in High School had parents that met and married all within a 3 month span of time… insta love does happen my friends.

I don’t view Charity and Link as simply an “insta love” situation. They each have a reason that they are drawn to the other. There is a familiarity and a comfort that they feel with one another, because of the bizarre link that they have in their past.

For Charity – it is Roger… Link is a part of him; she senses a connection immediately. She looks at Link and feels that love. For Link – it is his grandfather… He has great memories of sitting with his gramps and going over old photos, he has seen Charity all his life. He feels that she is a part of his life.

Of course, I realize that “love at first sight” doesn’t appeal to everyone. And I am in no way bagging on the people who viewed it negatively when they reviewed my book. Everyone, and yes, I mean everyone, is entitled to their opinion. I just thought I’d share mine.

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