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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Self Promotion - And Crafts - Ooohh fun!

So I decided to combine my crafty-ness and my need for self-promotion! Vinyl letters (for the back window of my car) were calling to me ;-)

So, I ordered Vinyl sheets off of, basically because I was too cheep to buy them directly at the craft store. And, this way I got a pack of multi-colored sheets - Yay future projects !!!

Then I got out my handy dandy CRICUT machine
(I actually have two of these things - is that wrong -
older & newer versions) and chose a lovely shade
of shiny silvery gray. Then I picked my font cartridge and played around with the size of letters that I wanted.

I cut some bigger... some smaller... changed
cartridges for the .com part of my lettering...
decided to use a heart for the O in novel...
and then I was ready to apply.

My back window was in desperate need of a cleaning...
Windex to the rescue... so after it was shiny(er)
than the rest of the vehicle (which is still in need of
a wash - any volunteers - ack, I didn't think so)
I was ready to stick 'em on. So then, all that
was left to do was peel off the backing
and stick... one letter at a time.
Yeah, it took awhile... but look how
lover-ly it looks!

Now I need to figure out where else I can use
all this vinyl. Actually that's a lie... I already know...
gonna put some cool saying on the walls in the house.
But, that's a project for another day!

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